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"a stone at a time…"


Some of the projects, videos, music and other productions we've been building, stone by stone.

Little Stones - Fishees

Fishees is the first in a new Drystone series called 'Little Stones', a collection of songs and dances celebrating childhood.
The featured artwork and video animation was created by Derbyshire artist Kirstie Adamson.

Fishees, a lullaby, was written by John Tams, arranged and produced by Barry Coope, and features Narthen (Barry Coope, Fi Coope, Jo Freya, Jim Causley), augmented by Pete Bullock.

A Drystone Tribute to Mick Peat

A celebration of our founding president, Mick Peat. To contribute to the Mick Peat Drystone Bursary, please visit the JustGiving campaign.

We have collected some of the many kind words, stories and memories about Mick on his tribute page. We will be continuing to add them, so if you would like to share your own, please Get in touch.

A Drystone Christmas

A seasonal recording from Drystone.